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3 Ways to Repair a Bone Fracture

At Tarabishy Orthopedics, we treat various musculoskeletal problems and injuries, including bone fractures.

A bone fracture or a bone break, following an accident or an injury, can be treated and repaired in many ways. Depending on the assessment of our orthopedic specialists in Brooksville, FL, repairing a bone fracture may entail simple procedures or an invasive surgery where metal screws, rods, and plates could be added to stabilize the bones.

Here are three ways to repair a bone fracture, as provided by the U.S. National Library of Medicine


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1. Casting

Bone casting or orthopedic casting requires encasing the limb in plaster or fiberglass to repair the fractured bone. It’s often used for the arms, wrist, legs, ankle, or feet, but there are also cases where body casting may be needed if the broken bone is located in the “trunk” of the body. 

Casting, undoubtedly, brings some discomfort and restriction in the patient’s mobility. But this procedure is necessary to promote bone healing, maintain bone alignment, and protect the injured part while the bone is repairing and the muscles are still weak. It also reduces the pain of the injury, according to the American Family Physician. Sometimes, the cast includes a brace or splint for added support. 


2. Open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF)

This procedure requires screwing metal rods or plates to put the bones back together. Open reduction means putting the bones back in its place while internal fixation involves attaching some surgery grade hardware in place of broken bones, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine.  

ORIF is often done on the tibia and fibula, the two long bones in the legs. However, not every patient with leg bone fracture needs this procedure, as a cast with a brace or splint might be enough. A patient might need ORIF only if:

  • the fracture has displaced the bone’s structure
  • the fracture has broken through the skin 
  • the bones broke in several pieces 
  • the old fracture didn’t heal completely


3. Open reduction and external fixation (OREF)

OREF is a surgical technique that stabilizes the fractured bone from outside the skin using a metal frame. Usually, surgeons use this procedure for hands or wrist injuries, but some leg injuries might also benefit from this procedure. 

According to our orthopedic doctors in Hernando County, external fixation may be performed if internal fixation won’t work – as in the case of an immunocompromised patient, a non-compliant patient, or a patient with a different kind of bone pathology. 

All these bone fracture repair procedures may take six to 12 weeks of healing. Patients might have to undergo physical therapy to regain the full function of their injured limb.


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