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Trigger Finger Release Brooksville

Trigger finger release is surgery on a finger or thumb that has been stuck in an unnatural or curled position. The reason for the surgical release is to relieve pain and improve the flexibility of the tendons. 

Stenosing tenosynovitis, also known as trigger finger, is the medical term for the disorder that causes a finger to lock in place. The name is derived from the sound a finger makes when it becomes locked. The most common fingers affected by this disorder are the thumb and the ring finger of the dominant hand. 

What are the symptoms of Trigger Finger?

Trigger finger can be either mild or severe and can affect one or more fingers at a time. It can bring about finger stiffness, especially in the morning. 

Aside from the popping sound, which happens when you try to move your finger, you might also feel a bump or some tenderness on the base of the injured area. In some cases, the fingers may remain locked or bent no matter how hard you try to straighten them. 

You should see a doctor as soon as possible for an inflamed trigger finger, as this may be an indication of an infection. If you can no longer use your hands properly, you should get proper diagnosis and treatment immediately to avoid complications.

What are the causes of Trigger Finger? 

Trigger finger occurs when the finger’s tendon sheath becomes inflamed or irritated. The tendon sheath serves as a protective layer, which is made up of fibrous cords that are attached to the muscles of the finger bones. 

If this tendon sheath is damaged, it can swell up. Long-term irritation can lead to scars, bumps and nodules that affect the finger’s movement. The damage can happen due to repeated, forceful movements, or because you have certain health issues, for example, people with rheumatoid arthritis, gout, or diabetes are more at risk of developing trigger fingers. Those who’ve had carpal tunnel syndrome, or have undergone surgery for it, may also develop this disorder. Old age and obesity are also risk factors for trigger fingers as well as women over 50 years old.

Trigger Finger Release in Brooksville


What are the types of trigger finger release in Brooksville?

There are three kinds of trigger finger surgeries available in Tarabishy Orthopedics:

  • Open surgery is the most common low-risk procedure for trigger finger. The surgeon makes a small incision on the palm to create a small opening and expose the tendon. The surgeon cuts the tendon sheath to give it more wiggle room. 
  • A percutaneous release is done by inserting a needle into the affected finger to cut the sheath. This procedure leaves little traces of a surgical wound or no wound at all.
  • A tenosynovectomy is the most recommended procedure in fixing a trigger finger of a patient with rheumatoid arthritis. This surgery entails removing some parts of the sheath to give the fingers more room to move freely. 

Studies show that patients are more satisfied with the long-term outcome of open surgery, while short-term satisfaction is higher in percutaneous release surgery. You should discuss with your doctor so you can both decide which type of surgery will benefit you the most.

Trigger finger surgery usually takes less than 30 minutes, and patients are only given local anesthesia, so they are awake during the procedure and can go home after the surgery.

Who can benefit from Trigger Finger Release Surgery in Brooksville

Doctors recommend this surgery for patients who have tried other nonsurgical treatments without much success. If the finger is still not working properly despite wearing a splint or resting for at least four to six weeks, or if medications, including steroid injections, have not alleviated the condition and pain, then surgery might be the best solution.

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, steroid injections are not as effective in diabetic patients and can lead to a short-term spike in blood glucose levels. Although the symptoms of trigger finger can get better after steroid injections, surgery may be the only recourse for patients with severe symptoms that have led to disability. 

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What are the preparations and after-care for Trigger Finger Surgery?

Trigger finger release is an elective procedure. The doctor might ask you to fast for several hours before the surgery. Initially, there might be some pain and soreness after the procedure, but this is normal and expected.

Patients are encouraged to move their fingers immediately after the procedure. However, there will be limitations, and you won’t be able to fully use your hand for at least one to two weeks post-operation while it’s still healing. You will need to clean the surgical wound every day and wait for the stitches to be dissolved or removed in two weeks. 

Your doctor might not allow you to return to work until the sixth week of recovery. However, each patient’s recovery time is different, so it’s best to ask your doctor when you can resume normal activities. Although the rate of complications is low, you should still keep an eye on the wound and call your doctor if the pain, stiffness, or swelling do not resolve within two weeks following the operation.

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