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What Are the Benefits of Robotics in Hip Replacement Surgery?

If you experience warning signs that you need a hip replacement and your orthopedic doctor confirms that you do, you are probably now trying to learn as much as you can about hip replacement surgery. 

For some patients, hip replacement is the only viable option for restoring comfortable movement and getting one more chance at enjoying life. Today, patients who have hip injuries are lucky because medical technology and procedure advancements have made it easier to get the best solution and treatment for their condition. 

Robotic-assisted hip replacement seems to have come faster than many of us expected. Nowadays, candidates of hip replacement surgery can already benefit from the advantages of robotic hip replacement surgery. To help you better understand this type of surgery, one of the most trusted orthopedic surgeons in Brooksville, FL discusses the benefits of robotics in hip replacement surgery. 

Top 5 Benefits of Robotic Hip Replacement Surgery

1. It allows for more accurate 3D planning.

What makes this procedure unique is that the robotic planning system creates a computerized 3D model which reflects the anatomy of the patient’s hip joint. Thanks to this technology, the surgeon has the ability to visualize the anatomy of the joint in a much greater detail. That also allows for the surgery to be planned more efficiently.

2. It offers impressive accuracy.

Thanks to better visualization and planning, the surgeon can conduct a more accurate hip replacement surgery. Furthermore, the robotic arm enhances the surgeon’s consistency and stability, especially as they cut the femur, ream the acetabulum, and put the implant components in place. With inaccuracies minimized, the risks of dislocations and other complications are also minimized dramatically.

3. It helps the surgeon stay within the safe surgery zone.

As mentioned above, the robotic hip surgery system creates a 3D model designed after the patient’s hip joint. This 3D model is loaded onto the robot’s memory. As such, all the cutting and reaming are done within the safe zone. This also helps ensure that implant components are placed exactly, or as close as possible, where they’re supposed to be.

4. It causes minimal to no injury to healthy tissues.

Because robotic-assisted hip replacement surgery offers great accuracy, the robotic arm causes little to no damage to the surrounding tissues. The arm can cut smaller incisions and operate through tight spaces. This is also why robotic-assisted hip surgeries are considered minimally invasive.

5. It results in improved outcomes and faster recovery.

A study conducted by researchers from the American Hip Institute found that patients who underwent robot-assisted hip replacement are twice more likely to feel that their hip was normal, as if they didn’t undergo hip replacement. Most patients also don’t report having difficulty returning to their activities and routines after their surgery.

Is Robotic Hip Replacement Better Than Traditional Hip Replacement Surgery?

Given all the benefits indicated above, it is safe to conclude that robotic hip replacement is better than traditional hip replacement surgery. After all, it utilizes advanced technology and medical standards. It is also designed to offer better outcomes. Furthermore, many patients who underwent this modern procedure report great relief and comfort, even several years after their surgery.

“Is Robotic Hip Replacement Surgery Right for Me?”

If you have this question in mind, the answer would be, it depends. Although robotic hip replacement surgery offers many benefits, there are several factors that must be considered before your orthopedic surgeon recommends this for you. This is why it’s important to visit an orthopedic clinic in Brooksville so that a doctor can see you and thoroughly evaluate your condition.

However, in general, if medication and physical therapy didn’t give you the relief you’re longing for, it’s possible that you may be a candidate for hip replacement. If so, your doctor may present robotic-assisted hip replacement surgery as an option.

Robotic Hip Replacement Surgery near Spring Hill

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